XFlow provides a unique and novel interface and working environment for the user. The pre-processor, solver and post-processor are fully integrated in the same UI environment. The UI layout is fully configurable with moveable workspace windows and options to use pre-set display settings. State-of-the-art visualization tools provide the best quality presentation of results.

Pre processing

Being particle-based, the algorithms behind XFlow lower the requirements imposed on the CAD models, e.g. for external aerodynamics around fixed parts the software is not concerned with moving or crossing surfaces as soon as these define a coherent fluid volume. Thus the complexity of the model is not a limiting factor in XFlow.

Moreover, the traditionally time consuming meshing process is totally avoided and the software just requires the target scales that the user wants to resolve for the far field, the near shapes or within the wake. Minimizing the algorithmic parameters makes the setup process closer to reality.

Post processing

The post processing capabilities of XFlow allow an interactive visualisation for a deep understanding of the results. Users can choose to display:
• Cutting planes
• Volume rendering
• Streamlines
• Isosurfaces
• which are visualized using innovative ray tracing schemes.

In addition XFlow provides tools for numerical processing and allows export to third-party applications such as ParaView and EnSight Gold.