XFlow is a next generation CFD software system from Next Limit Technologies that uses a proprietary, particle-based, meshless approach which can easily handle traditionally complex problems.

The XFlow approach to CFD enables complex modeling and analysis in a straightforward way, minimizing the presence of algorithmic parameters and avoiding the traditionally time consuming meshing process.

For engineers and analysts who require quick and accurate feedback on flow, thermal, and acoustic behaviour, XFlow is a CFD software system that provides you with the ability to solve problems involving moving boundaries, free surface and fluid structure interaction on complex geometric domains.

Improves solution efficiency

XFlow is a next generation CFD software that dramatically improves the ┬┤solution quality vs time-to-solution┬┤ trade-off, lowering times and costs, and thus offering a real alternative to analysis in experimental facilities.

Reduces hardware requirements

XFlow's innovative approach allows complex problems to be solved on standard modern desktop computers, removing the need for large clusters or HPC systems.

Reduces implementation cost

XFlow utilizes a proprietary particle-based approach to Computational Fluid Dynamics which is extremely easy to set up and use, and which significantly reduces training and support costs.

Best-in-class technology

XFlow's advanced techniques easily handle traditionally complex problems such as aero-acoustics, moving parts, free surface flows and fluid-structure interaction.