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We are engineering consultants who specialise in compuational fluid dynamics especially the prediction of highly turbulent transient flow of fluids.


Welcome to FlowHD

We use a code specifically written to directly solve turbulent flow using Large Eddy Simulation.

Our aim is not just to accurately predict the flow, but help clients understand areas of concern that are detrimental to the performance of the product, and to make suggestions on how to improve the design.

We are extremely competitive on both a cost and technical basis due to the high fidelity and capability of the solvers we use:

  • Set up times are dramatically reduced
  • Almost linearly scalable on large compute resource giving transient analysis as quickly as time average solutions
  • Fluid Structure Interaction is a strong point for us, moving bodies can be enforced or free motion
  • Solver has a built in Multi Body Solver to handle movement of solid objects coupled with the flow
  • Thermal, Radiation, Free Surface, Multi-phase, single phase modelling all available

We have worked on many projects in Automotive, Medical, Industrial, Marine and Renewable Energy.