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FlowHD sells and supports XFlow computation fluid dynamics software in the UK and Ireland. XFlow is developed by Next Limit Technologies based in Madrid.


Welcome to FlowHD

XFlow is unique computational fluid dynamics software in the market as it is completely meshless. This means that:

  • Set up times are dramatically reduced
  • Direct simulation of turbulence to mesoscopic scale
  • Almost linearly scalable on large compute resource
  • Transient analysis as quickly as time average solutions
  • Fluid Structure Interaction made easy

XFlow is also the first CFD Software available commercially on an entirely pay per use basis, which includes access to one of the largest HPC resources in the UK based at the STFC in Daresbury called enCORE.

FlowHD has a commercial arrangement with OCF who manages enCORE on behalf of the STFC and with DragonHPC who provide the remote visualisation technology that allows users to remotely post process results.